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POLY FURNITURElawn-furniture

Beautiful lifetime set with 20 Year written Warranty!


NEW!! NATURAL FINISHES Poly colors!!  Looks and feels like real wood, but virtually maintenance-free!! 


  • Best Style and comfort in the industry!
  • Smooth feel!
  • Most durable, thick Poly Structure!
  • Chrome -plated Stainless Hardware (much more resistant than typical grades of stainless steel!
  • Aluminum Reinforced Frames!
  • No cracking, splitting or bacterial growth! 
  • Color that goes through the material (not a coating) that's UV stablized and resists fading!
  • Made from 95% recycled content! 
  • Termite resistant! 
  • Unaffected by salt-spray for seaside living!





 **Just CALL, EMAIL or STOP INTO one of our display lots to place order... and you will be enjoying your beautiful new furniture in 2-3 weeks!!!**



What Our Customers Are Saying

We were completely satisfied with buying American pre-built shed. We looked at a lot of other sheds and none of them compared. The quality of Monte Structures stands way above any that we looked at and it was so worth having it already built and painted. When we were placing our order we were very surprised with how many details there were to choose from to add our own touches. Would recommend it to anyone!
Paul and Liz Kutrufis